It is always prudent to at least interview 3 contractors before you make a final decision. Once you have identified the three, you can give them the blueprint. Meet them in person and be upfront about what you want. From here, listen to their approach and discus issues such as costs and time. Hire a contractor who will listen to you and find a way to incorporate your ideas into the project. The fact that there are many general contractors Toronto means that costs will fluctuate from one service provider to another. Indeed, it is wise to hire a professional based on your budget, but you must consider other factors apart from cost.

You need to ask the right questions so as to find a contractor who is worth both your time and money. Ensure that you enquire about their experience. Ask how many projects they have handled which are similar to yours. To verify this information ask for references of some of their previous clients. Make a point of calling them and if you can, visit some of these projects yourself. This will help you to gauge the quality of work of a particular contractor. You need to be clear about who will be handling the project and the general contractor’s role. Will he use his own crew or will he subcontract the job?

You can never rule out the possibility of accidents when it comes to projects such as remodeling and renovation. In light of this fact, you should only engage contractors who are insured. They should have a general liability cover and a workman’s compensation cover. Ask for proof of insurance and call the insurer to verify this information. Ensure that you handle all these logistics prior to hiring a general contractor. This way you will be sure that your project will be handled professionally and completed in good time.