A word of caution

Advice on the use of testosterone supplements should start with a warning for all those who feel they need to take them. The usage of testosterone supplements is not meant for certain age groups, such as teenagers or those under the age of 25, neither are they meant for people who fall under certain categories, such as those showing male pattern baldness or who suffer from a given set of health conditions, as it is the case with sufferers of increased prostate.

Reasons to be cautious

Teenagers and people under the age of 25 years are most probably producing testosterone at the normal or natural levels that the body should. So, they should not take supplements without having a blood test. A blood test to measures the concentration of testosterone in the body. A normal concentration of testosterone is between 350- 1200ng/dl.

Another reason to be cautious when thinking of using testosterone supplements is due to the fact that most of these supplements and artificial hormones are likely to cause side effects.