Once you decide to purchase or build a fire pit you may want to put some thought into the immediate surrounding area, especially if it is to be a permanent feature in your garden. While the fire pit looks great on its own, the surround can really enhance it and create a superb area for relaxation and comfortable outdoor dining with family and friends.

The options are highly varied for a surround but perhaps you are perfectly happy with a grass surround for your fire pit. The downside to that option is if used frequently that area is going to show signs of wear and tear.

Paving or Patio slabs are a popular choice as they are normally available in a range of shapes, sizes and colors. Other popular options are to lay a bed of gravel or shingle, wooden decking or even a concrete hard-standing.

The pea shingle option for a fire pit is a terrific option as it is possible to obtain this in a range of colors to compliment the fire pits outer faade and requires less maintenance than the other options to keep it looking great. If you use gravel or shingle, you will need to put a membrane underneath to prevent unwanted plant growth.