The idea of email wedding invitations is more environmental friendly. It will help you to save money since you will not need to order the physical invitations. Yet, there are also some issues you should consider when you are creating these virtual invitations. You should include all the information about your big day when you are creating your virtual wedding invitations.

Of course you can also send more emails to your guests. However, it will be a good idea for you to include all the necessary information in one email so that your guests will not be confused. If you have a website or blog about your big day, be sure to include the address of it when you are sending the wedding invitations. Your guests can just click on the links and visit your website or blog when they receive the emails.

You may still need to give your guests a phone call after you have sent the wedding invitations. One problem of emails nowadays is that there are just too many spams and most people will have the spam filter on. To this end, your email may be wrongly flagged as spam. You will need to give each of your guests a phone call to make sure that they can receive your invitation. You just need to email invitations via like sites.