If you had a PPI policy in the last six years, or if you still have an active Payment Protection Insurance policy, then there is a chance that you might get the PPI claim. However, if the policy was bought before six years, then you will have to recheck a few details and documents. If you have all the essentially required documents with the signatures, then it is likely that you will get the claims but if the required documents are missing, then you might not get the claims. This is because the companies are asked to keep the records for six years by law.

After that, they are allowed to dispose it off. Therefore, if your policy is older than six years, then you are required to have all the documents to claim your PPI money back. It has been seen that some of the lenders and the banks simply shred the documents to get rid of such a type of issues. The Payment Protection Insurance advising companies cannot win the case for you if you are not holding the documents. Some of the companies do not even take the case if you do not have the documents. The financial Services Authority says that winning the case will be impossible for you, and if not, it can be extremely difficult.