If you are thinking about pursuing a job in the field of human resources then you are making a good choice. Careers in the field of human resources are projected to grow over 20% between the years of 2008 and 2018! This kind of growth is very high especially in comparison to most other jobs out there that you could be pursuing. In addition the high job growth that is expected you can also earn a nice human resources salary working in this field of work. There are many different jobs one can pursue in human resources from employee benefits, recruiting, employee training, to employee hiring & orientation. For those who enjoy interacting with others, this is an ideal job. Those with the best qualifications will have their choice when it comes to job openings. When pursuing a job in this career it helps to have a college degree in a related field of study. Most college universities offer many degrees which you can pursue that relate to this field of work and that will help you land your dream job!