So after great reviews given by satisfied clients about SpeedyPC, Microsoft has now come up with a new and improved version of SpeedyPC called SpeedyPC Pro which is said to be more robust and efficient than the previous version. It is a great comprehensive tool for overall computer maintenance and does not only works to remove unwanted files from the computer registry, but also works to provide protection to the pc against malwares and further optimizes the PC memory as well. The new and improved version is said to have high compatibility with Windows XP 32-bit, Windows Vista 32-bit and works well with both 64-bit and 32-bit on windows 7.

The SpeedyPC pro software has the following features:

- Along with registry, the software also deals with ActiveX errors
- Provides protection against Malwares
- Speeds up the computer start up
- Stops unwanted and useless computer processes
- Manages and clears the clutter of unwanted files
- Defragments the pc to regulate the memory of the PC
- Stops unidentified file extension
- It protects the pc from browser add-ons and other private files
- Manages restore points

And it is a complete package to provide a performance make-over to your computer. Speedy PC Pro has numerous satisfied customers and has many good reviews under its name because of its exceptional performance. This is an ideal choice for people who cannot afford to have random freezes and shutdown. A slow pc can try anyones pc and before you think about throwing your pc out the window, it is better that you give SpeedyPC pro a chance and feel the difference. The software can be obtained from any computer store or a licensed version is also available online for purchase. The ordering procedure is simple, fast and effective and will definitely give you and your pc what you deserve. You don’t want to spend hours every day just waiting for your computer to load the next page.