Substituting healthier ingredients in a cake can lead a person to enjoy his dessert without the worries of affecting his or her waistline. Some healthy cake recipe ingredients can be opted into baking a cake thus making it more health friendly. It is advisable to use only one of the following alternatives as multiple substitutions can result in the cake becoming extremely dense or unfavorable. One way is to replace vegetable oil with applesauce. Substituting 1/4 cup of applesauce can result in a surprising decrease in 43 calories per serving.

Calories can also be reduced by substituting margarine for regular butter. This change will result in a reduction of 45 calories per slice. Egg is one of the main sources of calories; this could be changed by opting for egg substitutes or even egg whites. Two egg whites can be used instead of a whole egg; this would result in a decrease up to 11 calories per slice. A further 72 calories can be reduced through the use of sugar substitutes. This is because these sugar substitutes are either free from calories or they are low in calories. Using these substitutes will not only enrich the cake in taste but also make it a healthy cake recipe.