If you have declared bankruptcy in the past and you are hoping to improve your credit rating, you might want to think about using the services of a good credit repair company. When searching for such a company, however, you should try to look for companies that specialize in credit repair with bankruptcy removal. Credit repair after bankruptcy can be a complex process, but despite what many people may say, it is perfectly possible. In fact, several people have improved their credit ratings so much after a declaration of bankruptcy that they have since been able to get access to a large mortgages and credit cards that have competitive rates of interest. Of course, it is vital that you keep realistic expectations, as until a bankruptcy entry is removed from your credit record, currently ten years after the event, there is a limit as to how much you can actually improve your credit rating. Credit repair companies that promise to be able to restore your credit rating overnight are most certainly scam artists trying to get you to pay large fees for their services. Such companies are probably partaking in illegal practices and it is only a matter of time before their operations are shut down.