Life is about equilibrium. We normally hear balancing ways to budget over media, balancing ways to diet from doctors and many other ways to maintain balance in our lives.

Web content writing and Internet marketing is not an exception to the fields that needs these “balancing” acts. Among the very challenging acts of balance are content marketing and link building applied in the field of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The main aim is to maintain the natural yet complexity of the links in spite of the constant updates by the algorithms of search engines. The said balance must be maintained to produce creative, constancy and readable contents.

According to SEO Australia, the secret to apply equilibrium in SEO with contents and backlinks is to not even attempt the combination, heres why:

Intentional or unintentional aim to stuffing when writing contents for SEO, theres that goal to inflate the quantity of occurrences of keywords to catch search engines attention. The end-result of this will be keyword stuffing. A term used to call a situation where numerous instances of the similar keyword on the article that does not appear natural. When this happens, readers normally dont read the article hence, look for another one.

Little keywords if the article does not have a point and goes overboard in emphasizing its keywords, search engines may not distinguish the content or the article itself. Though theres readability in those write-ups, there are no benefits in getting those search engines.