Dubstep has virtually exploded in the music industry. What started out as club mixes in England has become a worldwide phenomenon. Skrillex, a musician that produces dubstep, was even nominated for a Grammy for his music and remixes with other popular artists like Adele and Korn. So what makes a good dubstep song and how do you make one?

The key to a good dubstep song is complexity. Anyone can produce a couple beats and then compress them together but it will sound boring without other stuff to back it up. By the time you are done with your song, your beat bar is going to look like a DNA code.

First things first, you are going to need to get your hands on some beat making software. I recommend Dubturbo. It is affordable, reliable and produces high quality sounds. Now since vocals take a back seat for the drums and sounds, you are going to want the highest quality sound which is a Wave file. Wave files will always have a better quality than mp3 files because there is so much more data in them. Dubturbo automatically saves your files as a wave file so you will never have to worry about quality.

Now once you have your software, start experimenting with the beats. The key to your song will be the “drop” which is where you essentially compress a beat so much that it gives dubstep its unique “wubwubwub” sound. Play around with it until you find one you like. Next, you just add too it. Things like synthesizers, snares, and vocals all work great. Try to harmonize it with your beat. When your song goes into the drop, make sure that it is backed up by the other sounds. This will turn your mediocre dubstep into an orousal for the ears. The drop is the most important part of any dubstep that you make, so if you have to sacrifice on quality, make sure the drop doesnt suffer for it.

It will take some practice to get everything just right, but once you have everything you want in your song, it is worth it. Make sure to listen to your song all the way through. These sorts of songs are a lot like an English paper, you want to make sure there arent any errors and that it is your best effort. When you are pleased with your song, make sure you save it. Congratulations on your brand new dubstep song.