Lighting design has been taking the modern world by storm in recent years, it has been used in modern interior and architecture designs that make simple spaces very classy and breathtaking. The concept of lighting design today is based on three aspects; function, mood and harmony. These three aspects need to be present when one turns on light switches in a room that has lighting design. The function refers to the activities done in the room; is it for reading or gatherings? The mood refers to the ambiance one wants to create in the room; is it lively or something more intimate and romantic? While the harmony refers to the different lights in that should complement instead of clash with each other. Harmony is one of the most unnoticed parts in interior design, this is where most people go wrong. Its because they only distinguish lighting that is either too bright, or too dark they do not know how to check if it is just right. In homes and offices, there are more than a few lights this is why the harmony of the lights should be considered.