The London piano lessons can be attended either in music colleges and schools or in private studios by private tutors. Piano lessons are intended to produce pianists who also have knowledge on general music. Piano lessons are for everyone who is interested but they are usually attended by those wishing to advance their music careers to the next level. The piano lessons include those for beginners and these include persons who have not played the piano before and are learning from scratch and then there are lessons for those who have played the piano before and are looking to improve on what they already know. Piano lessons study the different styles of music like classical music, contemporary music, jazz, rock, blues and many others. They also study, music theory, music appreciation, advance piano lessons, fingering exercises, how to build the piano chords, how the piano works, how to read sheet music, music notation and rhythm basic, time signatures and so many others. Piano lessons cover a large area of subjects that contribute to the understanding of music as a whole. In order to become a good pianist one also needs to understand music as a whole because in most cases a pianist works hand in hand with other musicians when performing in ensembles and bands and therefore he or she needs to be in sync with them.