In the past 12 months I have been to a number of weddings. Something I have noticed at these almost entirely traditional weddings is that many couples are shifting their focus from professional photography to amateur photography and videos. Well I have my own opinion on this and I feel quite strongly about it. Don’t get me wrong, I feel that modern technology has given the average person quite fantastic abilities to take photos and videos. Cameras on phones have become rather good, and editing software is becoming easier and easier to use. It is possible to achieve very good quality photos with what is in my pocket right now. But they are not professional. They do not have the expertise that exists within those who do this for a living. When I look at professional photographers like Catherine Hill Photography, I see much more in the photos than I ever would on a Facebook account. There is far more to taking a good picture than having a good camera and saying cheese. This is absolutely clear when comparing amateur photography to Catherine Hill Photography for example. I suppose the best way to put is like this. When I look at an amateur photo, I see an event. When I look at a professional photo, I see a memory with feelings and emotions.