Allergy is one of the most common ailments experienced by many individuals. In the United States alone, a conservative estimate of about 20% of the entire population suffers from allergy. If non-traditional allergies like migraine and abnormal digestive reactions are included, the number could be higher. Because this ailment is so prevalent, people suffering from allergy resort to different treatments including visiting a Baltimore Chiropractor. Unknown to many, chiropractors also can address even allergy issues. They don’t just cure the symptoms of allergy, but dig deeper into the cause of the allergy. This method of treatment has become popular because it is natural and does not use chemically-laced medicines.

A chiropractor approaches allergy treatment holistically. He uses computer analysis known as meridian stress assessment to measure electric conductivity in the body’s acupressure points. Using sensory electric signals, he stimulates the body to identify the allergen’s electric blueprint. The changes in the acupressure points are then analyzed, taking note of points which are outside the normal range and are considered as indicators of severity and sensitivity to allergens. Another method used is kinesiology which tests that muscles’ reaction to allergens. Another unique procedure used is ASERT or Allergy and Sensitivity Elimination Reprogramming Technique. Laser is used to stimulate the nervous system and acupressure points to identify the areas that are susceptible to allergens. Once identified, the body parts are reprogrammed to “rethink” that the allergen is not harmful.

Aside from using unusual methods and techniques, chiropractors also advise patients to eat nutritional food and live a healthy lifestyle. For them, allergy can be eased by simply preparing the body to receive foods with nutrients to build the immune system and fight off allergies naturally. To find out more about the different allergy treatment techniques, search the internet and view more information for you to have a better understanding of this treatment method.