Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a type of fighting art that is primarily comprised of grappling as well as ground fighting. It is seen by many people as the best martial art for self-defense due to its style and techniques. Ground-fighting is defined as any kind of close combat training during which both participants are on the floor and not just on their feet like a good number of other self protection approaches. It is in its utility that ground-fighting excels, excelling on the street, but also terribly effective while operating on one’s feet.

For the individual sincerely interested in the capacity to defend themselves in a serious crisis, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has become the art of choice. While quite a few fight instructors like to believe that they can keep the fight standing, fight studies collected by police activites have confirmed that a stand-up fight is the exception rather than the norm. Ultimately, almost every fight ends up on the ground. For the stand-up stylist, the street is his bane; when it comes to the BJJ practitioner, it is his sanctuary. Then, once the unavoidable collapse takes place, there actually is no need for panic; after all, the ground is the BJJ student’s domain. Thus, it is not difficult to perceive why Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is considered by many to be the optimal martial art for fighting in real life. While almost any style has something to offer pertaining to self defense, the lack of an effective ground piece is an obtrusive gap in their form. This can easily place you at a great disadvantage if your attacker grabs you and tackles you to the ground. A style dependent on the ability to remain standing will inherently fail in a real-world altercation. Only Brazilian Jiu Jitsu provides you with the tools necessary to effectively and safely protect yourself.