As a small business owner some things I never really put much thought into. Like people not paying their debts. I quickly ran into this problem and found that I would need a debt collections agency working with me if I did not want to go into debt and lose my business. I wear my heart on my sleeve but as a business owner, I am not going to be able to keep doing this is I want to make it.
Luckily being in a smaller town it was not hard for me to find an excellent agency to work with. They are totally awesome, if I do say so myself, and have helped me to recover the monies owed to me in a much quicker time that I could do myself. I am very thankful to have found them and to have made the decision to go ahead and use them. I am not a mean person, not to say that they are, but they know the game all too well and do not go for all of those lies and lines that I do. They can be pushy, scary and demanding, so know that if you owe me money and don’t pay, they are coming to get you!