If your tenant suffers an injury in one of your properties and they make a successful claim for an injury that they have suffered, there is a possibility that you could be liable to pay the costs. In order for you to protect yourself against this you will need a landlords liability insurance policy. This will cover you against any claims made by your tenants if they injure themselves and decide to claim. If you are a commercial landlord and you employ someone in one of your properties, you need to take out employers liability cover. This will provide cover if any one your employees are injured while at work and they make a claim against.

Another form of insurance you may wish to consider is Landlord Building Insurance, this usually forms part of a Landlord Insurance policy and works in a similar way to building and contents. Buildings insurance does not just cover houses or commercial properties it also includes any structures such as garages, sheds and any other structures that are associated with the property. In addition to this, the fixtures and fittings that are found within the property are not covered by buildings insurance. When looking for any form of insurance it is a good idea to seek advice from a professional who will advise you on the best cover to suit your needs.