Besides the common features like disk space, bandwidth, compatibility with operating systems, etc, there are number of features that fall under advanced category. These are called advanced features because of their ability to make website running a high-tech thing. Most important among these is site builder. Web hosting companies provide site builder with templates to the clients so that the owner can play with a number of ideas for displaying contents interestingly. Making webmail account advanced as well as secured is another big responsibility of the web host.

Bluehost has a plethora of templates available for the clients who opt for site builder. POP3, Perl and auto-responder are some of the advanced features related to providing email accounts to the site owner. All these features are able to maintain a very high level of privacy while dealing with the relevant audience.

Reseller hosting is a new idea of web hosting where the client gets a fraction of server but solely dedicated to him. There is no wastage of resources in this type of hosting which ensures optimum utilization. It also ensures the high speed of server activity thereby enhancing the experience of site visitors. PHP5, Ruby and Python are some of the advanced programming languages that are used for ensuring maximum uptime for the website.