It can be a magical time for both dog and owner, when the two of you meet, and settle in to your new home. If you want to really treat your dog in the manner that he should be treated, there is a list of dog stuff that you will need to get along the way, to make sure that your new friend thrives in his new life with you. It starts with the basics: dishes, bed, crate, collar, leash, food and grooming supplies. Taking charge and care of a new life is a big responsibility that goes far beyond just providing the basics of existence. If more new owners realized that, there might be fewer dogs in shelters every year.

The next category on the list of dog stuff for the new pet owner is the health category. This means setting up visits with a local vet, keeping on top of shots, and making sure that the dog receives the proper obedience training they will need to keep them safe at all times. You want them to listen to your commands, and should they get off their lead, come back to you when called. You want them to respond quickly to the word “No”, especially in situations that could harm them, like finding food on the street. Lastly, there is the category of upkeep. This will include making the proper arrangements for their care when you cannot be there, like making sure that you have a good, strong fence surrounding your property. Or, hiring a pet walker/companion who will care for them, and play with them when you cannot.