A Shared office Shanghai is a fully furnished office that is ready for immediate set up of a company. Shared offices offer a lot of facilities such as Telephone, mail and internet services. Other professional facilities like secretarial and maintenance services are available at low costs.

Shared offices usually have all the facilities that are available in a traditional office at lower costs. Facilities such as office furniture, mail services, receptionist, conference and meeting rooms, publishing or delivery services and business equipment like fax machines and copiers.

Shanghai has different types of shared offices. Sometimes companies lease out their extra space. You can rent small desk spaces to a group of offices depending on their availability. Facilities such as kitchen, meeting or conference rooms and parking are shared with the leasing company. It is an additional bonus if your business is complementary to that of the leasing company.

A shared office Shanghai offers many advantages. The office does not require a lot of support staff which helps in saving a lot of your funds. You can occupy the office immediately and start doing business. You do not need to spend capital on furniture and equipment as their services come inclusive with the monthly rents. The lease agreements on shared offices usually range from three to twelve months.